Camping Food: Easy & Warm Camping Meals.

Reusable food pouch baby food storage
Dehydrated/freeze-dried camping food is great for hiking, backpacking, or camping meals since you don't have to keep it cold in order to avoid spoiling.

Reusable food pouch baby food storage
While coolers/refrigerators could work well in some situations, ice or electricity is not always available making dehydrated/freeze dried food very attractive. While taking out the water helps preserve camping food in addition, it has another benefit...

Camping, backpacking, or hiking food that's freeze-dried or dehydrated is able to reduce weight by sixty to 90 percent. If you're carrying a backpack or another hiking gear with a few days worth of camping food and supplies this may make a BIG difference.

Just like any prepackaged food you can probably find most camping food portion/serving sizes extremely optimistic or after a long day of hiking...laughable. I am not sure who dreamed the system but maintain it in mind when you're purchasing it because otherwise you will most probably be going hungry, or if perhaps you're carrying a pack throughout the day you might even be undernourished.

Something different to keep in mind is the kind of the container itself. The containers with corners makes it difficult for the boiling water to blend with the camping food leaving dry spots. Also tall narrow containers make it almost impossible to reach inside having a spoon without getting as messy as a two year-old, as you work your way down to the bottom. (An easy option is to trim off of the top as you eat.) So if you feel a light eater or rely on them afterwards for trash a few of the containers have a "ziplock" kind of closure which can be useful, if they're not trimmed to ribbons. ;-)

Some camping foods can be heated with a heating pouch with the help of water to a chemical heating source. The advantage is there's no flame. The drawback is they weigh a lot more than the pouch alone and there's more trash to dump properly. So it could be better to just bring a little stove if you're backpacking.

Camping food offers tradeoffs. While it isn't usually gourmet that doesn't mean it has to be bad. In the end a gourmet meal will make for a lot of extra weight and inconvenience. Not my idea of a fun trip. The reason people buy it is because it's light, convenient, also it can provide a quick hot meal. In terms of taste.

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